Sound Health Massage Therapy

You Are In Caring Hands


"I wanted to write to thank you for your gentle, powerful work. The evening of my appointment, I lost my mucus plug and my baby dropped way down. I now have inches of room under my ribs and new cramping low in my pelvis. Your work released my pelvis to open up and welcome my baby. Thank you for helping me and my baby take a few leaps towards birth. I will continue to recommend you to all pregnant women I meet. Your work is profound and beneficial. Thank you for all you do"........Emily W.

"Your healing hands gave me relief with my lower back pain and helped me relax in the last weeks of my pregnancies. It was such a relief."........Alison D.

"Personally, I tend to keep "many irons in the fire" and consequently keep quite busy.  I therefore honestly consider my regular massage to be the centerpiece of my stress management.  You are so accepting and demonstrate such caring that it is a privilege to be pampered for an hour.".........Shirley C.

"There are a number of reasons why I got maternity massages when I was pregnant with my baby girl.  It felt wonderful and the further along in my pregnancy I got, the more I benefited from the massages.  For the last month of pregnancy my weekly massage was what got me through the next week.  Not only did I walk away from the massage with my back and hip discomforts alleviated, but I also felt reconnected with both my body and my baby.  Maternity massage was a great way of caring for my baby and myself. I sincerely believe that the maternity massages I received from you helped me when I was in labor.  Because of the massages, I was able to enter labor without any muscle discomforts and due to the mind-body reconnection I got with each massage, was more in tune to my body.  This close connection between my mind and my body was very important and helped me have a wonderful birth experience. Your hands are truly a gift.".........Anna K.

"I can't thank you enough for your wonderful touch.  My body feels more invigorated and relaxed than it has in a very long time. You have built a lovely practice and I cannot wait to sing your praises to my colleagues".........Annie H.

"Seeing you for monthly maternity massages was one of the greatest pleasures of my first pregnancy.   You always asked how I was feeling, if I had any particular aches and pains and were truly interested in how my pregnancy was progressing.  I will continue to get regular massages before, during and after my next pregnancy. I truly believe regular massage contributed to a healthier pregnancy and made me a happier mom.".....Carrie D.

"I wanted to let you know that I have just had a day free of pain! I woke up without any pain and even after a day of work, still great!!  I attribute it to your treatments. THANKS SO MUCH!!".........Teri K.